Friday, September 4, 2015


FemmeMakers, get your mind write!

Let me tell you, here and now, once and for are not an amateur because you procrastinate. You procrastinate because you are endeavoring to share with the world your most intimate self through your characters, and that is terrifying. What if you do it badly, and people misunderstand, and judge, and hate your characters (which will feel like they hate YOU)? You procrastinate as an act of self-preservation. You are not a fraud; you are afraid. And that makes you more than just a writer; it makes you an artist. Accept your fear. Feel it. Then, and only then, move through it and write. Set a 5 minute alarm clock everyday and feel your frigging fear for 5 minutes. Then write. Stop trying to deny the fear or push it down...THAT IS THE PROCRASTINATION. Feeling the fear allows it to pass through, and out of you. Any writer who tells you they never procrastinate...well...they're probably procrastinating by talking to you.

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